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About Us


At Peculiarii Films, we understand the power of idea. As a premiere motion picture company, we are here to deliver innovating content that not only shapes the world we live in, but can bring the stories that have never been told to light. 


By smartly using resources and working with talented creatives, we have everything you need to make your vision a reality at the click of a button. Whether you are a professional creative or an idealist, Peculiarii Films offers a dynamic service for your project from development, through to production & distribution.

We provide a masterclass for aspiring individuals that want to develop and elevate their skills in the industry as an Actor, Director, Editor or Composer by award-winning creatives. 

As we grow our team, together we will inspire and empower each other to revolutionise the future of Film and Entertainment.


Cush Berlyn
Bobby Gordon

Vice President of Production

Mehtab Ahmed

Vice president of Marketing


Vice President of Strategic Initiative

Connor Read

Head of Post Production

Philip Chukwu
Francesco Cerrato
Katie South

Head of Production Design

Ross Dixon

Head of Camera

Melina Martinez

Production Manager

Jessica S.Warren
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